Cute Love Heart Doodles Photoshop Brushes

Hi and welcome to Brushes By Bernadine! Today I made a set of cute love doodle brushes for you.  All made with love from the heart. 🙂
The doodles look very nice in black and white but would look great in color too! I decorated the hearts with flowers, scribbles, dots and swirls.  There’s a cute wrapped gift with a swirly bow, an i love you doodle, and a black cat peeking from the side full of love. 🙂

My doodle Photoshop brushes are made in high res 2500 x 2500 pixels.  They can be used for free for personal or commercial purposes.  You can visit my commercial link for more info.

Enjoy the doodle brushes and happy creating!

Set of 15 Cute Love and Heart Doodles Photoshop Brushes Download

Flowers Cute Love Hugs Free Photoshop Brush Set

Here’s another set of Flower Photoshop brushes for you – yes we can’t get enough of flowers!
Sunflower, daisy, round petals, long petals, cute little dots, pretty arrow, fancy Love and a big hug for you!
In your download you will receive a zip file that contains 18 cute brushes that you can mix and match to make great images!
The brushes are high quality, 2500 x 2500 resolution.  The fun uses for these brushes are literally endless.
Tip: what do you do if you want a quick creative gift?  Use a Photoshop brush!  You can make personalized gifts that are truly unique.  And the best part of it?  It makes people happy.  Even something as simple as “stamping” the floral brushes, printing it out and writing a note – the happiness it brings to somebody is immeasurable.

I have many cute Photoshop brushes here in my blog! Feel free to scroll through them and download the brush sets that you want.  Free for personal and commercial use.

Cute Photoshop Brush Set Download - Flowers, Hand Drawn Doodles, Love and Hugs!

Pretty Smile Photoshop Brush

A million reasons to smile and be happy indeed.  Yes, no matter what life brings us! And regardless what age in life.

With this set of Photoshop brushes you will get a smile word art, and beautiful elements to decorate it with! Pretty swirls, dots, heart, flower, star, and everything made with love. 🙂

Cute Photoshop Brush Set Download - Pretty Smile Doodle Drawings, Made with Love!

26 Free Cute Hand Drawn Plant Doodles Photoshop Brushes

Hi, Photoshop Brush collectors. 🙂  I was very excited to draw these doodle plants and flowers and make them into Photoshop brushes.
Blooming flowers, petals, leaves, stems, floral blossoms, swirls, hearts!  With these brushes you can easily customize your own flower arrangement.  The flower pot is all ready for you to fill in your plants!

These would look very nice in handmade greeting cards.  In fact a future project in my mind is to create greeting card designs that you can easily follow using the Photoshop brushes here in my blog.  Come back to visit often because I’m always adding new brushes and inspirations 🙂

These doodles can be used as far as your imagination can take you. For website design, cute blog post header design, or for other purposes such as creating printables to sell, making stickers, stationery, labels, etc.  I support home-based businesses especially for moms! And I hope these designs can help you.  I am a mom too and I know how great it is when we get nice free resources.  My Photoshop brushes are free for you to use, both personal and commercial.

Set of 26 Photoshop Brushes Download - Cute Plant Doodles, Flowers, Beautiful Digital Elements!

23 Cute Hand Drawn Girly Doodles Free Photoshop Brushes!

Hi, doodle lovers! It’s a happy day!  This Photoshop doodle brush set is filled with excitement 🙂
Hand drawn doodles featuring: sparkling diamond, butterfly, cloud, musical notes, little bird, stars, hearts, candy, strawberry, balloon, flowers, sweating popsicle, turtle ice cream cone, cute happy little girls, love!

As I create the brushes I am inspired by happiness in the daily life.  Sure there are challenges and obstacles, but I choose to look at the happy bright side of life.  I like focusing on things that uplift the spirit.  And thankful for the blessings that we all have.

You can use the doodle brushes in a wide variety of projects – free for personal and commercial use.  I would love to hear where you use the brushes for!  Most of all have fun! For arts, crafts, teacher’s resource, scrapbooking, card making, creative, unique, personalized gifts, ebooks, websites, blog, cover designs, t-shirts, gift cards, tags, children’s art projects, journals, printables, printable chocolate candy wrappers, stationery, labels, stickers, and many more! It is ok to sell your work using these brushes but please do not sell my brushes and images or claim them as your own.

Each Photoshop brush is sized 2500 x 2500 pixels. Don’t forget the shortcut:)  CTRL-open bracket/close bracket to quickly resize the brushes while you are creating your work in Photoshop.   This will save you time!  🙂

Though not required, a credit/link back to is very much appreciated.  Thank you!

Your free download for the girly doodle brushes is here! Enjoy!!
Free Cute Hand Drawn Girly Doodles Photoshop Brush Set - Download

Free Pretty Photoshop Flower Brushes

Cups of beautiful flowers Photoshop brushes! Enjoy these brushes that I made with a loooott of love 🙂 🙂
Twigs, petals, leaves, swirls and twirls and an abundance of joy in them.
Don’t you just love the green and brown colors that melt the heart? Awww.. it’s so soothing and at the same time brings so much energy to the soul.
There are endless beautiful ways these brushes can be used.  They would look so nice in stationery, greeting cards, gift tags, wrapping papers, notepads, journals and more! And if you want them online, they’re great in blog headers and website design too! You can color them any color that you want to your heart’s desire.

Beautiful Cups of Flowers Photoshop Brush Set - Download

Free, Cute Cats Photoshop Brushes!

Hi, beautiful Photoshop people! Today I combined 2 things I love: cats and brushes = cool Photoshop cat brushes.

A little story for you 🙂
I used to dislike having cats as a pet, because I thought they’re mean and will scratch you anytime.  One day my older daughter, who is 21, brought home 2 little kittens – to my horror! And not only that.  They’re BLACK!! I thought black cats bring bad luck!  I was furious, and of course cats couldn’t be returned! You can imagine how unhappy I was in the days and weeks that followed.

However! Haha.  The kittens would purr and cuddle up next to me when I’m sitting, and would look at me with those big round eyes. Slowly my heart melted and my previous “dislike” turned into  “OK, accepted”, into “like” and into Love.  Fast forward 1 year later.  Today my 2 daughters are telling people that I love the cats more than them. Haha!

Let me show you a photo of my beloved cats:

So that’s the reason why I’m inspired to make cute cat brushes 🙂

The download below contains a zip file with these ABR brush files:
Cute cat in a cup
Cat with arms wide open – hugs!
“I Love you, My Human” awww
Cute Heart
Cute little star
Circle stamp with a cat peeking “meow”
Cute cat paw prints

Each brush is a huge size 2500 x 2500 pixels, ready for your artistic creations whether big or small!
To reduce the size of your brush, move the slider to the size you want, or enter the exact brush size number.  You can also use your shortcut key open bracket “[” to reduce the size and close bracket “]” to increase the size of the brush.

Free Cute Cats Photoshop Brush Set - Download

Happy Photoshop Brushes – Cute Celebrate Brush Set!

What do you do if you want a quick cute image? Use a custom Photoshop brush!  Custom Photoshop brushes act almost like a digital stamp.  Select the brush that you like, click and your graphic image is instantly “stamped”!

Today I am sharing a custom brush set that I made, and as always my main theme is cute and happy.  Everyday is a day to celebrate and be happy 🙂  In this set you will find a birthday cake, a string of pretty flowers garland, a happy mail envelope, “You Are the Best” circle stamp seal, a party hat, a cute button, star and a cute cat!  They are all free for you to use.

I create all brushes in high resolution – mainly 2500 x 2500 pixels, 300 ppi.
Choose the color that you like using the eyedropper tool/color picker, then click with the cute brush! Experiment with different colors – it’s a lot of fun.

People ask me – how do you make cute custom Photoshop brushes?
First I create vector images in Adobe Illustrator, then I copy and paste them in Photoshop and save it as a Photoshop brush.
I am sure there are many ways of creating brushes by only using Photoshop, but this is the method that I’m most comfortable with.
If you want to learn how, let me know and I’ll try my best to teach you.

Here is the link to download the brush set:

Free Cute Photoshop Brushes - Celebrate, Happy Theme

Free, Cute Washi Tape Photoshop Brushes!

Washi Tape fun Photoshop brushes are here! This set of brushes include cute designs and it makes me so happy creating them. 🙂

“You’re Amazing”
“Thank You”
Stars, Hearts, Dots, Circles, Flowers, Giraffe, Kawaii, fun!!


Free Cute Washi Tape Photoshop Brushes - High Resolution

Cute Hand Drawn Photoshop Doodle Brushes!

Cute, Hand Drawn Photoshop Doodle Brushes!

Do you love doodle drawings? Need a Photoshop brush for it? Welcome to my blog where I share my passion of creating cute Photoshop brushes! 🙂 Here is my share for you today: a set of different doodle hearts with arrows and swirls that you can use as cute dividers or decorative elements, and a Kawaii ice cream cone. Sweet doodles, really fun to create things with them.  All my Photoshop brushes come in high resolution 2500 x 2500 pixels.  Download the zip file and you’re ready to go! The file contains 12 cute ABR brushes.

Cute Hand Drawn Photoshop Doodle Brushes - Decorative Elements, Heart Text Dividers, Kawaii, Sweet!