Beautiful Happy Love Photoshop Brushes – Free

Hi, Photoshop friends! Autumn is here and the leaves are falling.  What a beautiful nature!
Here is another set of free Photoshop brushes for you.
Beautiful, happy, love, forever.  Beautiful words to inspire any day of your life.
If you enjoy these brushes, check out my other blog posts to find more!  I am always posting cute and pretty Photoshop brushes.

Free Photoshop Brush Set Download - Love, Happy, Beautiful, Forever, Autumn Leaves, Pretty!

Beautiful Photoshop Doodle Brushes – Free

Sweet, beautiful brushes!  Enjoy today’s free Photoshop brush set:
It’s a Wonderful Life 🙂
Thankful Everyday
Always, Forever
Plus hand drawn cute doodle drawings like arrows, stars, hearts, curves, swirls and squiggly lines.

I love cute graphics! That’s why I enjoy making these brushes.  And do you want to know another fun thing…. I drew many of these on my phone!  Adobe has a free app called Adobe Draw.  You can pick the type of “pen” that you like to use: round tip, pointy, calligraphic etc.  And you can adjust the size to however thin or wide you want.  I drew random curves, lines, arrows etc… you can draw and erase as much as you want.  When I got the doodles that I think look nice, I uploaded them into Adobe Illustrator.  They automatically become vector files.  With these vector files you can edit them any which way you see fit.  With these swirls and cute elements I didn’t need any more editing so I just copied them into Photoshop and saved as brushes.  Cool isn’t it!  It’s not as complicated as it seems and it’s actually fun.

These are for the Photoshop brush lovers! Enjoy them and come back as I have more cute brushes to share!

Cute Photoshop Brushes - Text, Doodled Drawings, Hand Drawn Beautiful Brush Set - Free Download

Cute Girly Doodle Brushes Set!

Hi and welcome to BrushesByBernadine! I share many beautiful photoshop brushes and hope that they will help inspire you in your artistic creations.  Today I felt like making simple, minimalistic style with simple artsy photoshop brushes… the best of both worlds…so here they are!  A set of simple but cute doodle brushes!  Hand written, hand drawn, doodled and decorated with curves and swirls.

Love, Thank you, Kiss, Sparkle, Love you, Hearts, Stars, Tree, all for you to enjoy!

Photoshop brushes are very versatile coz they can be used in countless creative ways. Whether you’re making a personal gift or creating an item to sell, beautiful brushes provide inspiration (and happiness!)

My custom brushes are high resolution 1500 x 1500 pixels, 300 dpi.  They can be used for personal and commercial purposes.
Download the brushes into your computer and enjoy using them for your project designs.  Happy creating!

Set of 13 Pretty, Cute Artsy Photoshop Brushes High Res - Free Download

Happy Birthday Gorgeous! Free Photoshop Hand Drawn Doodle Brushes

Every happy person is gorgeous!  Celebrate the birthday with pretty greetings using these Photoshop brushes.  It’s a confetti of love! 🙂
Create your confetti with doodle flowers, leaves, balloons, pretty flower bouquets, cute, dainty and sweet!  Add even more love with hearts and stars, and add the accents of dots and swirls. This birthday greeting will make any girl happy.  Use it to make a unique gift, birthday wrapping paper, gift tags, stickers and more.

Happy Birthday Free Photoshop Brush Set - Many Cute Girly Doodles! Instant Download

Cute Hand Drawn Happy Cat Doodles – Free Photoshop Brush Set

Excited! Happy to share with you my new cats Photoshop doodle brush set!
Filled with dainty flowers, hearts, petals, little floral blossoms, meow! and cute decorative elements.

These photoshop brushes can be used to make many awesome kinds of artwork.  The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity! Make your own stationery, notepads, greeting cards, signs, banners, decorations and more! Yes the brush size is big – 2500 x 2500 pixels to make it more flexible for you – in case you want to make big images.

2 happy cats! Yes I’m a big fan of cats ♥  They’re simple, loving and very easy to please.  We have 2 black cats that bring our home so much happiness.

You will get a zip file of 11 beautiful ABR brushes.  All free for you to use.  Change the color of your brush to whatever you want and stamp away! I have LOTS of fun making these brushes.  Enjoy using them for your creations! Scrapbooking, card making, pretty stickers, printables, blog post images, websites, wrapping paper, gift tags, etc.  These are especially fun to use when you want to make a unique gift for somebody special.  There are lots of love in these images.  They’re great for making cute gifts for birthday, wedding, anniversary or any occasion.  Everyday is a day to love and to make somebody happy ♥

Cute Doodles Photoshop Brushes Free Download - Cats, Love, Beautiful Digital Elements and Random Cuteness!

All throughout my blogs you will find many cute and pretty hand drawn brush doodles.  Visit my other posts for more free shares!

Very Cute Photoshop Brush Set – Love, Cute Cat, Best Friend, Flowers and Happiness!

Hi, friends! Thank you for visiting my Photoshop brush blog, and once again I am excited to share with you a set of cute brushes!
Best friend, love, i love you, doodle hearts, flowers, stars, handwritten script love, hand drawn doodles and very cute digital elements.
I love cute images, graphics and clipart.  I drew all the elements using Adobe Illustrator.  Do you like this cat? Awww
Sweet, adorable, loving, inspired by our cats!

This set contains 15 pretty brushes.  Enjoy using them!  Decorate your website, blog, presentations, signage, banners, displays and designs.
The graphics are also nice for scrapbooking, invitations, party favors, labels, cupcake toppers, stationery, cards, stickers, letters, postcards, DIY arts and projects, cover designs and more!
I have more cute Photoshop brushes coming so be sure to bookmark my blog!
Set of 15 Cute Photoshop Brushes - Love, Cat, Hearts. Best Friend, Happy and Beautiful Hand Drawn Doodles - Free Download