Beautiful Photoshop Doodle Brushes – Free

Sweet, beautiful brushes!  Enjoy today’s free Photoshop brush set:
It’s a Wonderful Life 🙂
Thankful Everyday
Always, Forever
Plus hand drawn cute doodle drawings like arrows, stars, hearts, curves, swirls and squiggly lines.

I love cute graphics! That’s why I enjoy making these brushes.  And do you want to know another fun thing…. I drew many of these on my phone!  Adobe has a free app called Adobe Draw.  You can pick the type of “pen” that you like to use: round tip, pointy, calligraphic etc.  And you can adjust the size to however thin or wide you want.  I drew random curves, lines, arrows etc… you can draw and erase as much as you want.  When I got the doodles that I think look nice, I uploaded them into Adobe Illustrator.  They automatically become vector files.  With these vector files you can edit them any which way you see fit.  With these swirls and cute elements I didn’t need any more editing so I just copied them into Photoshop and saved as brushes.  Cool isn’t it!  It’s not as complicated as it seems and it’s actually fun.

These are for the Photoshop brush lovers! Enjoy them and come back as I have more cute brushes to share!

Cute Photoshop Brushes - Text, Doodled Drawings, Hand Drawn Beautiful Brush Set - Free Download